History of Development

The concept behind UNRAVELING started with Rossella Lamendola (lead singer of China Doll, Music & Lyrics). After she finished writing her memoir of the same name, she sensed the theatrical element in both her book and her band’s music. She compiled a strong selection of songs from a twenty-year songwriting span and approached her daughter, Roxanne Lamendola, for help with the project. Roxanne’s theatre background and intimate knowledge helped her turn their material into a full-fledged musical. Roxanne uses her family’s journey as inspiration for the story, interweaving their powerful songs with an honest and compelling plot.


The first public reading of UNRAVELING was presented in 2012 at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It was a concert-style reading with musical accompaniment provided by the band China Doll.

UNRAVELING’s first staged performance premiered in 2017 at the Union Theatre in London, England. This industry showcase was directed by Leah Fogo.

UNRAVELING is currently in development, with performance workshops being held across America and the U.K. For licensing information and performing rights, please email: